Sunday, January 4, 2009

Luke & Gracie "A bond that only HE could of created"

From the moment we all came home, Luke and Gracie
were only serparted during their surgeries.
They did "everything" together

Instant best Friends! They always had to be touching
eachother, whether it was their feet or hands. This
photo shows their exact personalities, Luke always
thinking things through and Gracie saying,
"don't you just love life"

Getting ready for their first 4th of July party

So cute! Little Adam and little Terra

Luke was really into the game and Gracie was
as usual just loving life and the cowboys!

Loving eachother

Play time!

Out of 300 plus photos that I have about more than
half you will notice Gracie or Luke smiling
and looking at the other
Big Hugs

Ok, so this was a forced hug. But Luke loved it

"Trick or Treat"

Gracie looking at Luke

Luke admiring Gracie

A twin bond is one that can only deeply be witnessed
by twin parents. It is this unconditional love
and a bond that in my opion only God could create
Luke and Gracie were one, they loved eachother
more than I can explain. They shared deep
belly laughs and late night talks that will never be forgotten.
Bath time was their favorite, and after bath was
next in line. They used to comfort eachother to
sleep and protect eachother when they were awake.
We feel so blessed to have witnessed the special bond
and know that Gracie's life will always be instilled
in Luke's heart.

Luke continues to watch videos of him and Gracie
and God blesses him with sleep stories (dreams)
of Gracie. Some dreams he has shared are:
~Him and Gracie flying~
~Playing at the park~
~Laughing together~
~He woke up quite a while ago and said, "mommy
Gracie was there after my surgery and said I was going to
be a brand new boy"~
We are thankful for these beautiful dreams that
keep him and Gracie close at heart until
they meet again in Heaven!


Jessica Burris said...

Hey Terra!!
I Loved looking at your page full of luke and gracie!! I hope you are feeling well. I heard you were bed ridden =[ i hope everything is going great and feel okay!!! I cant wait to see you guys again. Give Luke a big Kiss =]!!!
Love you much,

Anonymous said...

I loved getting to look at these pictures of your beautiful children. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the music that plays along with this slide show of your "Memories of Gracie."